Swahili Dialects
  Traditionally, the main dialects are:

Kimrima [around Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania]
Kimvita [around Mombasa, Kenya]
Kiunguja [in Zanzibar and Pemba Islands]
Kiamu [around Lamu, Kenya]
Kingwana [in south-eastern Congo]
Kingazija [Comorian dialect: this dialect is significantly different from the other ones]
Kimtang'ata [to the north of Dar-es-Salaam and south of the Kenyan border]

Apart from Kingwana (a lingua franca in Congo) and Kingazija (the main lingua franca in the Comoros), the other dialects are hardly evident in present-day East Africa. And whereas Tanzanian Swahili is fairly uniform (apart from the fact that many Zanzibaris and some coastal inhabitants on mainland Tanzania tend to use more Arabic words than up-country Tanzanians do), in Congo and to a lesser extent in Kenya, there are some interesting regional differences.

In Congo words from local Congolese languages have also been assimilated and the main linguistic variants are: in the south-eastern provinces (Haut-Katanga, Lualaba, Haut-Lomami, Tanganyika), and in the north-eastern provinces (Sud-Kivu, Nord-Kivu, Maniema, Ituri and Tshopo). In Kenya there is a difference between the coastal and the so-called "up-country Swahili". The latter is less grammatical. However, in many areas it is gradually being replaced by Standard Swahili. What's more, East Africans mix Swahili with English but many Central Africans mix it with lots of French. For example the Central Africans would use French even to tell the time, because Swahili time (as used across East Africa) is largely unknown there. This signifies the fact that Central African Swahili did not evolve substantially.

EnglishStandard SwahiliUp-Country Swahili
Where is he/she!- Yuko wapi?- Ako wapi?
I was at the shop.- Nilikuwa dukani.- Nilikuwa kwa duka.
Come here!- Njoo hapa!- Kuja hapa!
I don't eat rice.- Sili wali.- Sikuli wali.
I don't know.- Sijui.- Mimi pana jua.
car- motokaa- mtukaa
my friend- rafiki yangu- rafiki wangu
He/She is ill.- Yeye ni mgonjwa.- Yeye iko mgonjwa.
tea without milk- chai ya rangi- sturungi