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 A Brief Description of Tanzania

Tanzania has a surface area of 945K km2 [364,770 mi.²] and approx. 65M inhabitants(as of 2022). The highest mountain (Mt Kilimanjaro) in Africa and the world's greatest national park (Serengeti) are located in Tanzania. It is an integral part of the East African Community, an entity similar to the European Union.
Most Tanzanians are of Bantu origin. However, there are numerous Arabs, as well as Indians, Pakistanis, Europeans, Somalis and people of mixed ethnicity. There are about 120 ethnic groups, but Tanzanian society is very cosmopolitan, with different ethnic groups intermingling/intermarrying frequently. Thus Swahili is ubiquitous.
Being a union of Tanganyika (i.e. the mainland) and Zanzibar, Tanzania is officially called United Republic of Tanzania. It is the only East African country which has access to all the largest lakes (Victoria, Tanganyika and Nyasa) and also has a very long coastline at the Indian Ocean.